Two Much / Sky-caper / Wound Footage

Wake at 9am feeling bright but have mood sledge-hammered by scarcity of job offers in inbox. Cascade back into bed and wake at 11.30pm feeling over-rested and sluggish. Wade through rubbish in hallway to flick switch on kettle in kitchen but surge of recollection results in panic that self has run out of tobacco. Hysteria sets in and realise overhaul of morning routine necessary. Shower, dress, leave house, get cash, visit shop, return.

Check email and pleased that have been offered paid article writing position on website. Not pleased that job commission based. Know self has no drive to produce material other than blog.

Remember that before slumping into cider coma previous night had begun watching Two Much. Have recently acquired said Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith romcom after advice from workmate-Ponyo-lookalike Valentina. Shocked at self ignorance of film given romantic comic nature, love for Banderas and fact that film followed by Banderas marriage to Griffith.

Nostalgia for ridiculous 90s premises in films when art wheeler dealer Banderas reveals name as Art Dodge. Banderas trying to sell painting to grieving family of millionaire. Banderas caught in act. Banderas bumps into Viggo Mortensen! Like experience of watching most other films, now wish self to be watching The Road.

Fail to understand Banderas’ unwillingness to marry Griffith given later real life decision. Fearful that Banderas/Griffith long standing union total sham and that Banderas secretly wants to marry Madonna. Decide self too mature and/or sober to endure much more.

Receive email from editor of who self occasionally reviews for. Decision to abort Banderas/Griffith farce solidified by list of links to shorts being screened at Edinburgh Film Festival. Watch random two. Sky-caper inoffensive one-joke animation. Wound Footage a found footage based analogue/digital masterpiece. Decide for first time to include link to film on blog. Decision based on filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch’s description of his process underneath video:

Send off reviews as flatmate Tom comes home to clean. Have achieved almost nothing. Have spent day writing unpaid reviews and unread blog instead of paid how-to articles for website. Ashamed to extent of considering forcing self to watch Two Much. Decide that would be too much.

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