Wake at 8am as have Oscar Wilde rehearsed read-through rehearsal at 10am. Decide to fill time between coffee/cigarette routine and acting with fan-spirit-based Marky Mark Wahlberg film that self recently downloaded during sports-related-film torrenting spree. During spree had remembered seeing trailer for Marky Mark film years previously and had at time found self hankering after little-guy-makes-good-in-Americanised-version-of-When-Saturday-Comes-film.

Am not disappointed when nostalgic 70s-based sepia toned credit sequence begins. Remember Remember the Titans, earlier Disney American football film. Pleased that film shot in similar fashion to earlier Denzel Washington film. Find self drawn to Marky Mark for first time since Boogie Nights. Tend to vocalise distaste for Marky Mark’s career whenever opportunity arises, but now find self sympathising with his plight: thirty years old, tending a bar, flirting with Elizabeth Banks, going for open try-out for Greg Kinnear, making it onto team, being bullied by teammates, scoring one touch down, kissing Elizabeth Banks.

Moment of tension arises when Marky Mark makes it onto team and goes to celebrate with bar bound friends. Fear repeat of drinking session in When Saturday Comes which briefly ruined Sean Bean’s chances of playing with Sheffield United and really pissed off Pete Postlethwaite. Thankful that Invincible funded by Disney and never once see Marky take drink.

Leave film halfway through to rehearse. Jaunt around rehearsal room with flatmate Tom and go for drinks with cast at pub, then after self’s harassment, Somerset House. Find self suddenly alone as flatmates both at dinner with girl who wants me dead. Take a turn about the South Bank and resign self to watching end of Invincible. Climax is Marky Mark scoring touchdown. Stupid Disney film makes self well up. Annoyed that in real life, Marky Mark’s character never scored touchdown. Feel cheated. Decide film better than McG disappointment We Are Marshall but not as good as Remember the Titans. Maybe just as good as Friday Night Lights. All of the above obviously better than The Blind Side. If Bullock can win Oscar for that film, Marky Mark should have been given Emmy for stint as rapper.

Go to sleep early as have production meeting next day with woman called Theodora. If self can find open try-outs for England squad by then, may blow off Theodora, as know for fact that even Sandra Bullock could have prevented USA’s goal against England at weekend.

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