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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Fear regarding life-status of flatmate Tom calmed by Facebook wall post embracing blog. Feel warmed. Decide to continue flatmate-Tom-absence-advantage-taking by watching Did You Hear About the Morgans? Know that disappointment beckons but fail to resist lure of update of Uncle … Continue reading

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The Player

Find self in hurry to get to work after The Wolfman experience. Notice that self now growls when annoyed. Pleased, as this replaces dinosaur wail that self employs whenever hurt or scared. Receive text at work from non-flatmate James telling … Continue reading

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Edge of Darkness

Wake at 9am knowing that Edge of Darkness has finished downloading. Insatiable lust to see Mel Gibson face looking angry fills heart and have barely rolled day’s first cigarette by time beginning credits roll. Flatmate Johnny has already left for … Continue reading

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The Wolfman

Decide that rain on first day of Summer cause enough to embark upon another film following Edge of Darkness experience before gritting teeth and skipping to work. Still no sign of flatmate Tom so self feels less embarrassed about slothfulness. … Continue reading

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Wake at 9am. Fall asleep. Wake again. Repeat routine until 1pm when drag self to kitchen to flick switch on kettle – task that seemed so impossible whilst horizontal. Bathroom. Coffee and cigarette whilst reviewing recent happenings on Facebook. Conversation … Continue reading

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