Notification of Completed Transition

Self has completed transition from rusty old blog that does not allow comments at ( to shiny new big-image-of-self-above-blog-entries-incorporating blog at Self has developed Judas complex, but self undergoing punishment in form of limited font access on new blogging site. Self hopes small group of blog readers find new have-no-choice-so-have-to-use-it white background acceptable in place of old black background. Self apologises to uncaring blog readers for lack of updates during transition. Self hopes blog readers comforted to learn that self has done nothing in elapsed time, let alone watch films, as self still harbouring Simon Amstell obsession. Self fears blog likely to emulate Simon Amstell brand of humour for time being. Self hopes readers of blog enjoy new capacity to comment on blog. Self hopes readers of blog do not abuse new feature. Self hopes no further transitions on horizon. Fade out.

About josh-in-reel-life

Often disgruntled blogger.
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3 Responses to Notification of Completed Transition

  1. mumax says:

    yeah I can write and tell you what I think and not have to work out some crazy trick lettering thing-what kind of madness was that?
    love it and youx

  2. Electric says:

    That’s a rather disgruntled picture.Very apt!

  3. mumax says:

    50 people thats good, I sent the site to Robbie, one of my 6th formers he liked the self thing but thought it wasn’t so much a review and a moan about needing cider-I told him to see earlier ones.
    see you tomorrow x

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