Podcast Episode 2 10/09/10

Wake unexpectedly early at 9am. Realise following investigation that early rise due to flashing reminder on phone. Strange. Self does not remember using reminder function on mobile communication device to create reminder. Remember suddenly that last time self was in communion with non-flatmate workmate Tom Bell for creation of podcast to remind blog readers what to expect to see in cinema in forthcoming week, Tom Bell spent length of time toying with mobile communication device with wry smile on face.

Realise in Sherlockian manner that non-flatmate Tom Bell has abused access privileges for sake of jeopardising self sleep pattern. Decide to make Tom Bell life living hell.

Remember in upsetting non-phone-based-reminder moment that Tom Bell needed for podcast. Decide to forgo punishment until later yet-to-be-determined-but-hopefully-soon date.

Record podcast with disappointingly ill Tom Bell and, post podcast, post podcast on podcast posting website. Podcast posting gleeful as self remembers at point of posting – from analogue reminder Post-It posted on nearby bedroom wall – that iTunes automatically updates self podcast on podcast section of iTunes, therefore self has no reason to post podcast on podcast section of iTunes website. Readers need to deposit in search engine of iTunes store: Josh in Reel Life, and will thus have access to new podcast post. Decide to programme reminder to self in phone that self need not post podcast on iTunes, as well as reminder to commit act of vengeance not in favour of reminder posting Tom bell.

As a reminder, podcast post available at: http://joshmorrall.podomatic.com/entry/2010-09-07T09_12_30-07_00

Podcast post also available on iTunes podcast sections.

Post casting of post on blog about posting of podcast, self carries out post-mortem of blog entry. Post will be, disappointingly, unavailable by post.

About josh-in-reel-life

Often disgruntled blogger.
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1 Response to Podcast Episode 2 10/09/10

  1. Anon says:

    You’re a very witty guy!

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