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Podcast Episode 2 10/09/10

Wake unexpectedly early at 9am. Realise following investigation that early rise due to flashing reminder on phone. Strange. Self does not remember using reminder function on mobile communication device to create reminder. Remember suddenly that last time self was in … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 1 27/08/10

Wake at 10am as have meeting later with non-flatmate workmate Tom to record first ever podcast. Self terrified, but excited. Hope podcast will become reoccurring feature on blog, especially since self now watches only Simon Amstell YouTube clips and episodes … Continue reading

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Notification of Completed Transition

Self has completed transition from rusty old blog that does not allow comments at ( to shiny new big-image-of-self-above-blog-entries-incorporating blog at Self has developed Judas complex, but self undergoing punishment in form of limited font access on new … Continue reading

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