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The Man Without a Face

NB: Entire blog emboldened as anything Gibson related necessarily in extremes. Wake at 10.30am after another flat barbeque hosted by flatmates Tom and Johnny in celebration of return of non-flatmate girlfriends. Self unable to blog during recent days as busy … Continue reading

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Wake sporadically from 6am to 11.30am at half hour intervals drenched in sweat caused by either fever or guilt regarding vaguely anti-Mandela comments made in previous post. Previous day spent barbecuing various meats and drinking recently released environmentally friendly lager. … Continue reading

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Wake sometime before noon but find well-being sprawled across wall, throat feeling like poster for Sex and the City 2 and neck as stiff as Gibson sex organ during screening of Triumph of the Will. Decide only antidote is pilgrimage … Continue reading

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